About FayLinn

Leave a little sparkle wherever you go...

My name is Suzanne Parnell and I'm a mother to three sons and three cats. I have been an artist all my life and the idea of miniatures, magic and fantasy has always fascinated me. 

I handcraft pieces such as treehouses, dollhouses, fairies and brooms. Most of these are created based on commission however I sell some pre-made pieces and they are either on my Etsy site or at Kensington Dollhouse Show in London (and now on here!). 


The very first treehouse I made was just as an experiment, but the more I made the more magical it became as I was bringing my imagination to life, Each piece might have to be restarted a few times as they are all made with labour and love and need to have the perfect shape and form. The pieces I make can take anywhere from a couple of weeks to a few months to build depending on size, complexity and what the piece is. For all my FayLinn pieces I use unique materials like poppy pods, inks, crystals and wood so that all of my customers can take home their own piece of a magical world!

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